Pig production


  1. We use exclusively Danish genetics, which we constantly support by import of boars from Denmark.
  2. We apply Danish cross-breeding system by DanAvl company – one of the most innovative in the world. We grow a three-gen hybrid, which has 25% of the Landras and 25% of the Yorkshire maternal breed, with 50% of the Duroc paternal breed. The main advantages of such hybrids are higher content and better quality of meat. We made sure of that over the years of positive experience.
  3. We do not use any stimulators of growth and antibiotics.



Warm floors, ventilation, automated systems of microclimate and manure removal implemented according to Danish standards are just a small part of the benefits of our farm.
Construction and production on pig farm are as ecologically safe as possible. The farm is regularly checked by Danish veterinarians and biological safety specialists.We follow Danish and EU regulations regarding animal welfare and medical restrictions and we constantly compare our production results with professional producers in Denmark/EU.
Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC adheres to the highest standards of Danish and Ukrainian biosafety. All premises with animals are closed and entering into them is only possible through shower and clothes change. All transport entering the territory of the farm is disinfected thoroughly.

In addition, the company independently grows grain for the production of own feed, and our specialists carefully calculate all proportions and norms in animals rations.We test foodstuff for the presence of toxins, we control the level of proteins and minerals every month. We buy wheat and barley from the local farmers; soya bean meal and sugar beet granules from national manufacturers; we get fishmeal, special soybeans and minerals from abroad.

We provide the most benefit and best quality to animals.


At the farm in Khalcha we keep:

  • 3000 sows;
  • 8 thousand suckling pigs;
  • 1200 gilts;
  • 30 boars;
  • 14 thousand weaners.

The farm is producing 100,000 weaners per year. Corn, barley, sunflower and wheat grown on our own fields constitute the basis for our feed. We also use premixes mostly of Danish origin. We carefully monitor the production of feed and ensure its high quality. Our own grain storage and feed mill produce about 25,000 tons of feed per year.