Another field of activity of Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC is construction. Dan-farm is using specialists with extensive experience in construction of agricultural facilities in different countries of Europe.Key duties of construction department are

  • construction and repair works;
  • maintenance and improvement of the areas around the farm;
  • technical maintenance of production.

Using the latest technologies, high-quality materials we performed the following works on the farm in Khalcha:

  1. We renovated 11 stables and connected them with a gallery to form a closed-up facility with highest biosecurity standards.
  2. We created a modern breeding unit for 3000 sows with a capacity of up to 100,000 weaners per year. We installed the most up-to-date equipment and provided the highest standards of biological safety.
  3. We have built a state-of-the art feed mill with a capacity of 7 tons per hour.
  4. We have built 9000 tons grain storage complex with a dryer.
  5. We reconstructed the administrative building.