It all began with two Danish investors who came to Ukraine in the beginning of 2000 to work in crop production. Their desire of creating own business has turned into Dan-Farm Ukraine LLC.

Foundation of Dan-Farm Ukraine

In 2001, investors set up Dan-Farm Ukraine in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia oblast, which back then was a company specializing in growing crops . Later, in February 2003, the company moved to Kaharlyk district and in May of the same year rented a base for agricultural machinery and warehouses in Kuzmintsi village. Processing of the first 1100 hectares has begun.

Purchase of Khalcha farm

In 2005, investors began to think about building a profitable company and attracting investments, so:

  1. They purchased an abandoned livestock complex in Khalcha village, Kaharlyk district, Kyiv oblast.
  2. Expanded the range of owners to over 40 Danish farmers.

Start of the reconstruction and launch of first stables

The activity showed good results, so in March 2006 investors started reconstruction of the complex and purchased the necessary equipment. By the end of the year first sows were placed in the stables.

Commissioning of a feed mill

Almost all feed has been purchased at different Ukrainian companies until October 2009, when a state-of-the-art feed mill with a capacity of 7 tons per hour of dry feed was commissioned.

Completion of reconstrucion of Kahlcha farm

In mid-2014 all pigsties were connected with the gallery and a grain storage with a capacity of 9000 tons and a grain dryer were commissioned.

Thus a comprehensive farm reconstruction was completed making Khalcha complex into modern 3000-sow farm able to produce up to 100 000 weaners per year.

Foundation of DFU Agro LLC

At the same time the subsidiary company – DFU Agro LLC was founded in Grozyne village, Korosten district, Zhytomyr oblast.

There the company is building a finisher farm to host piglets from Khalcha reproducer. After full launch of the pig complex, the number of livestock will amount to 24 thousand finishers.